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Mike Gleeson






The links on this page are great for finding Irish events, music, bands and other interesting stuff.  If you want to add a link here, just let me know.

Innsfree Irish Band Facebook

Innisfree Irish Band Youtube page

Innisfree on ITunes


Julie Delaney

Vocalist for Innisfree, she has also recorded for Steve Ciccone, Victor Avilla and David Rucker.  Check out her new CD.



Dennis Doyle's Harp Page

Dennis Doyle: Celtic Harp & Song


Irish and Celtic Resources on the Web

This is a compilation of links developed by Dennis Doyle to almost any Irish information you want.

The Irish Center of Southern California

The Irish Center of Southern California, Inc. promotes Irish culture and supports our local Irish and Irish-American community. The primary aim of the Center is to acquire a multi-purpose facility including a theater, library, social hall, museum and meeting rooms. The facility will be used for lectures, concerts, socials, plays and classes in Irish music, language and dance. The Center hopes that the facility will provide a physical "center" for our community.

In addition to providing a facility, the Center will sponsor and promote activities focusing on the strong bonds between Ireland and Southern California. The Center will serve our community by sponsoring activities emphasizing education and enjoyment and by supporting the efforts of other local groups. The Center has promoted a deeper understanding of Irish events. Through it's emergency assistance fund the Center has helped individuals in our community by providing modest amounts of financial assistance to those in urgent need.


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